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I was a family physician before I was a mother, and now I am both. My whole goal in life before my daughter was born was to be a caring, competent doctor who “listened.” I would like to believe I am still working toward that goal, but now I also have a new title: Mommy. It is a job like none other, and it is altogether amazing, terrifying, frustrating, and enlightening at the same time.

The road to motherhood was not easy. Although being a family physician who have had training in OB/Gyn does give you some insight through the whole process of a woman giving birth and medical ailments of the pediatric population, the life-changing aspect of how to be a mother was never written in the books. How you become a mother is unique to you… and only you. I can never really give medical advice to a mom about how to be a mom; this is something that comes naturally. The only thing that any physician or experienced mom can do is to guide new moms to what is perhaps easiest, safest, and most comfortable for your precious little one.

This is how I envision this blog would be — it is not a dictation of what every mom should absolutely do; it is how I, as a physician, learned about motherhood, and my own personal opinions (and occasional medical thoughts) about how to be, well, the mom I have always wanted to be.

My Family, Career & Credentials

I am a Board-Certified Family Physician. I graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine. I currently work full-time, and I see patients of all ages in all walks of life.

I am a mother of 2 rambunctious daughters who keep my husband and me on our toes.


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