SIDS and the Boring Crib

This fluffy, pretty, interesting crib is a big No-No in the world of SIDS prevention.

My daughter is now 8 months old and a crawling, active and loud baby. The unfortunate thing is that these days, SIDS prevention has become a huge deal, and that leaves me without much options when my daughter becomes “bored” in the middle of the night in her crib. This means she’s now crying in the middle of the night because she wants to play somewhere else… and not feel lonely.

Uh oh.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is something I certainly would like to avoid if at all possible, but I have wonder if the rules are a bit stringent for the older infants under one year of age. When they can crawl so quickly across the floor and roll from one end of the room to another in the matter of seconds, I wonder why I can’t put any stuffed animals, however small and non-choking sized in the crib to simply amuse her when she wakes up. Well, I am so in fear of the SIDS monster that I keep her crib pretty barren and desert-like with the hope that she can just amuse herself with the scenery of the crib rails and beyond and enjoy crawling around in the confines of her crib. I guess I could attach some kind of mobile but I’m sure a new recommendation will come out that it is unsafe to attach anything that can be easily removed or have strings that can strangle the baby. There really is not much left that we moms can offer a bored baby in the middle of the night.

Boring SIDS-Prevention-Approved Crib

If you’re reading this post and feeling the same way as I am, yet hoping for an new, alternative idea to amuse the baby, I’ll have to say, I am so sorry, but I don’t have any bright ideas. The kid just has to learn to enjoy the crib the way it is: hard, boring, and looking like a baby cage. But, this is all a matter of perspective, and I don’t really know what my baby is thinking at the time that she is crawling around inside the crib and peeking out the slats. I just know, I wouldn’t want to be her.

I hope one day, we find out exactly the reason why SIDS occur and then perhaps, we can lighten up a bit about this whole SIDS prevention business so that we can offer the baby (and moms) some options.

When SIDS occur, it is a most devastating tragedy and so for now, I do encourage following as many prevention recommendations as possible. If you’d like the most recent American Academy of Pediatrics SIDS Task Force recommendations, please go to the Healthy Moms & Babies Link to see my summary of the SIDS prevention task force technical report that came out this November 2011.

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  1. i had to leave out my beautiful bumper pads too, for fear of the sids monster. thankfully i haven’t had to use the crib yet cuz zoe is so small, but i imagine i will run into the same problem later on. i wonder if something like a light show (on the ceiling or on the wall) might distract them long enough for them to fall asleep…my orthodontist had something like a spirograph light show thing on the ceiling to distract his patients while he went about with his unpleasant business. i have to say, it worked!

    1. Hmmm. Good idea; I may have to splurge and get the planetarium turtle I’ve been eyeing for the past few months. That should go on the Wishlist!

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