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Books are fascinating. Reading is soothing. Sometimes it’s wonderful just to put all the electronic, digital items away and sit down with a book on a rainy day when there’s nothing else to do.

I have always enjoyed cozying up in a nice chair on a rainy sunday afternoon or in bed to wind down before sleeping with a good book on hand. Reading rocks the soul, tickles the mind, and takes us to all different places we’ve never been. It also enlightens us as it gives us the courage to explore and the knowledge through other’s thoughts and philosophies.

Reading to a child is a gift in itself. I started when my daughter was a newborn. I love to read, so I would read to her, even if she didn’t look like she was paying attention. I read my favorite childhood books or even medical journal articles to her. I highly recommend reading as much as you can to your kids and for yourself… when you catch a moment. You won’t regret it.

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